Volkswagen e-Golf!

The e-Golf is everything you would expect and more, exceptional handling, efficiency and acceleration. The e-Golf provides comfort, suitability and style and the cabin is climate controlled and the fully adjustable front seats offers support as standard. The only way for you to appreciate the experience and thrill of the e-Golf is to drive it for yourself.


The surprisingly expansive interior of the e-Golf combines elegance, luxury and comfort with particular touches like the electric blue stitching on the leather wrapped steering wheel. The e-Golf retains the classic style of the Golf, but has put its own electric twist on it. With C-shaped running lights and blue flash across the front grille.


With the battery range of 144 miles that is more than enough charge to keep you moving daily commute, and with zero emissions you can drive more efficently than ever. Charging from full to empty using a wall box takes approximately 5 hours 30 minutes, while empty to 80 percent takes 45 minutes with a rapid charger

Technology and safety

The Golf is constantly developing to ensure that it brings you the latest in driving technology, but its standards always remain rigid. The e-Golf features Volkswagen Driver Assistance which includes Adaptive Cruise Control, Blind Spot Sensor, Hill Assist, Emergency Assist and Park Assist.

Easy charge Easy to charge
144 miles Up to 144 miles on a single charge
Home and away Combined Charging System