Volkswagen Golf GTE

The Volkswagen Golf has long been lauded as one of the finest and most popular hatchbacks available, with over four decades of bestselling performance and award-winning pedigree confirming as much. Now, with the Volkswagen Golf GTE, the model looks set to be an industry leader in the electric and hybrid vehicle sector


The same sleek styling that has defined the Golf for so long continues to dominate the look of the Golf GTE, with subtle design features such as GTE branding and blue flashes alluding to the eco credentials of the model. The interior is similarly styled, with little touches denoting that, while this is a model that retains the capability of the standard Golf, it also comes packed with ingenuity like never before.


Combining an electric motor with the Volkswagen’s TSI petrol engine, the Golf GTE enjoys the coveted title of being a hybrid hot hatch. Racing from 0-62mph in as little at 7.6 seconds certainly impresses, as too does the top speed of 138mph. With the fully charged electric engine also capable of covering 31 miles, and charging in under four hours via a standard household socket, the innovative powertrain enhances the performance of an already impressive model.

Technology and safety

Aside from the cutting edge technology that makes up the Golf GTE’s engine, the model also features a number of measures to inform and entertain. The Composition Media system includes a 6.5-inch colour touchscreen which connects to your smartphone, and the Volkswagen Car-Net e-remote app even enables you to control such measures as air conditioning via phone before you set off.
Charging options A range of options are available when it comes to charging your e-Golf
Range Impressive range
Sustainability e-Golf allows you to make everyday trips with zero emissions