All-Electric Volkswagen ID.3

The ID.3 offers desirable interior and exterior styling, achieves up to 340 miles on one-single charge. The Volkswagen ID.3 Life has the longest WLTP range (262 miles) of any all-electric car on the road right now that's eligible for the Governments OZEV grant, worth up to £2,500.


Shaping the ID.3’s futuristic look: the optional front Matrix LED headlights, the redesigned Volkswagen logo and the additional lightline leading to the logo from the sides. Futuristic from front to back – in perfect form.


The brand new look continues seamlessly in the interior. Futuristic, comfortable and convenient. All thanks to inviting seats, plenty of legroom, a design dispensing with a centre tunnel and a large touch display, as well as the ID.Light and adaptable ambient lighting.

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Batteries & Range

One charge will cover - your travel to work, dropping the kids off at school on the way and coming home at night. Each of the three potential battery sizes for the ID.3 can handle this no problem. You can choose between 45 kWh, 58 kWh or 77 kWh. And that’s not all: the medium battery can recharge a range of up to approx. 180 miles in 30 mins, in quick charge mode with DC (direct current) with 100 kW performance. And with the biggest battery (77 kWh, net), you can travel up to 338 miles on full charge*.

Electric Acceleration

​The ID.3 features rear-wheel drive and plenty of torque to give you ultra-responsive acceleration. Experience thrilling, pure power from the moment you press down on the pedal.

Volkswagen ID.3 Side
Go Further The ID.3's fast charging batteries have an impressive range of up to 336 miles (WLTP tested).
Volkswagen ID.3 Interior
Electric for all Enjoy cutting edge technology at a price that is comparable with traditional petrol and diesel cars.
Volkswagen ID.3 Front
Look to the future with ease A new kind of driving