New Volkswagen ID.3 1st Edition

The ID.3 1ST Edition heralds in a new and dynamic era in the world of electric mobility. Electrifying performance meets pioneering design, ranges suited to everyday use and mobility with a carbon-neutral footprint. All this for people seeking change. The future is ready. Come on board.


The exclusive details of the ID.3 1ST Edition show everyone who’s first at first glance: Starting with the 1ST badge and striking rear pillar design, the 1ST steering wheel clip and Play & Pause design pedals and the special greeting on the welcome screen.


The exclusive ID.3 1ST Edition accelerates from a standing start from 0-62mph (0 to 100 km/h) in only 7.3 seconds. No gear shifts, no delay. Instead pure torque. From the get-go. That means you’ll be even two seconds faster off the mark than the sportily designed standard version.

Technology and Safety

The digital services from “We Connect Start” turn the new ID.3 into a connected car as the built-in SIM card can connect the vehicle to the Internet upon request. Real-time traffic information, charging stations with charging status, prices and opening times can be consulted. With the matching We Connect ID. app you can keep an eye on your vehicle and your smartphone can be used like a remote control. Using the app, you can see the remaining range of your vehicle, set the air conditioning system and start or stop the charging process.

Power Instant power. One step away.
Greeting Meet your new companion
Innovision Cockpit A new kind of motion