New Volkswagen ID.7 now available at TJ Hamilton!

The future lies in the range

Volkswagen is redefining the overall performance of electric mobility with the new all-electric powered identity Volkswagen ID.7. The completely electric powered fastback combines high variety values, speed charging and ample space within the new premium trendy Volkswagen.

Eveything under control

Experience a whole new level of user interaction with the innovative ID.7 Display. With its cutting-edge intuitive operating system, your ID.7 is revolutionized into a groundbreaking smart device. The 15-inch screen offers effortless navigation to essential features, while customisable favorites and an expanded range of applications on the homescreen enhance the overall user experience.

Charge quickly. Drive further.

The new ID.7 is capable of covering extensive distances without interruption, thanks to its battery capacity. With an impressive all-electric range of up to 435 miles, it is well-prepared for any non-stop journey. Additionally, the vehicle offers fast charging capabilities, allowing you to charge from 10 to 80 percent in less than 30 minutes. Its exceptional efficiency sets it apart from other vehicles in its class, consuming only 13 kWh/100km. This efficiency is achieved through advanced battery management and a sleek aerodynamic design. With the new ID.7, you can enjoy extended drives while minimizing energy consumption.

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The ID.7 showcases a sophisticated aesthetic with its aerodynamically sculpted front and sleek sloping roofline, reminiscent of a fastback. Strategically positioned air intakes at the front direct the airflow along the sides of the vehicle towards the rear, creating an air curtain that enhances stability. Additionally, the ID.7's sloping roof contributes to reduced energy consumption and increased driving range.

Plug & Charge

Charging your Volkswagen ID model is now even more convenient with Plug & Charge, the new standard for convenient charging. Simply drive up to the Plug & Charge charging station and insert the cable. Log in, charge, pay - it all takes place automatically. You can continue your journey free of stress.

New Volkswagen ID.7
Charge quickly. Drive further. All-Electric range of up to 435 miles.
New Volkswagen ID.7
Smart horizons Heavenly views with the electric panoramic sunroof.
New Volkswagen ID.7
Function in its most perfect form. Characterised by the aerodynamically shaped front & the sloping roofline.