Drive safely in strong wind – Top 10 tips

Here are some tips to help be safe on the roads in windy conditions.

1. Prepare
If there's a chance weather could disrupt your journey or cause a breakdown., it is important to prepare for this and pack accordingly. Items such as a fully charged mobile phone, some food/water and warm clothes could be invaluable.

2. Keep informed
If you have to travel, listen to your local news bulletins and keep up to date with road closures, fallen trees and other hazards that you could avoid.

3. Plan your journey
If you have the option, choose a sheltered route which has less exposure to the weather and let someone know you're travelling in case you get stuck and your phone runs out of battery.

4. Remain in control

Make sure you keep a firm grip of the steering wheel as winds are not constant and a strong gust could come and catch you off guard. Beware not to hold the wheel too tightly as this can actually restrict your movement, just grip it firmly to remain in as much control as possible.

5. Allow more room
Other road users may need more room than usual. For example, cyclists, motorcyclists, lorries and buses can all get blown around easily by side winds.

6. Beware of other road users
Other vehicles may become a hazard to you on the road when high winds are in force. Remain alert so you can spot where other vehicles appear to be blown off course so you can be prepared.

7. More distance
Keep a safe distance between your vehicle and other road users. Consider increasing the two-second rule to three seconds.

8. Reduce your speed
High winds can get under a car and affect its handling and braking significantly. Slowing down will help anticipate these gusts and will reduce the impact they have on your driving.

9. Be careful when overtaking
High-sided vehicles in particular can represent a hazard when overtaking. Driving past large vehicles can result in a sudden gust from the side as you clear, so be prepared for this change. Do do not attempt the manoeuvre unless you are certain it is safe.

10. Park safely

Make sure that you park your car in a safe place – avoid parking under anything that could represent a falling-danger in severe winds.